Keep Your Head (and Your Data) in the Cloud: Online Media Streaming

Keep Your Head (and Your Data) in the Cloud: Online Media Streaming

- January 24, 2014

Welcome to the last installment of the cloud storage series from PSW Group. In this post we are going to talk about some useful media streaming servers and applications that utilize cloud storage to allow you to view and listen to your favorite media, from anywhere.

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We discussed in previous posts how cloud storage saves you the headache of backing up your data and the anxiety resulting from losing said data for whatever reason. We also talked about how cloud storage can save you the hassle of carrying around those pesky external storage devices and plugging them in to your laptop, TV set (etc.) every time you want to access your data. These same perks of cloud storage apply to media files (videos, movies, pictures, podcasts) that you want to save and access again and again.

Another added benefit of cloud storage in relation to media files is that you get to save a lot of storage room on your devices. We all know media files can be large! Some of these services let you sync your music, videos, movies and podcasts to an online library that you can access anytime, anywhere. Add to that the fact the cloud storage allows you to access more media than what you have saved on your devices. Many online streaming services give you the option of creating your online library: you do not need to upload your files; instead you can create your personal library from media available from that streaming service. Let’s see how!

In this post we are going to talk about three media cloud storage services: Plex, Twonky Beam and the all-famous YouTube. The brief descriptions below are meant to give you an idea about these services – we will add links to the respective official websites for you to browse at will.


Plex media server is available with a media player app that allows you to manage and play your media via the connection to the Internet. Plex can host several plug-ins for extensibility and for more features and benefits. Once you sync your media on Plex you can watch, view or listen to your files on any device you have in your home, or elsewhere. You can even access Plex from your smartphone to organize, modify and view what you have in your library. What we like about PLEX is its user interface that is very organized and easy to use. Oh yes, if you are a TV series buff, the Plex app on your smartphone lets you know when new episodes of your favorite shows are airing.

Plex Media Server - PSW Solutions Blog

Plex Mobile App

Twonky Beam

Twonky is a media server rather than a media center or home theater software and has an Android and IOS app to make your media related life easier. Twonky helps you locate your favorite music, videos and movies and save them. You also have the option of sending these media files to other devices you own for sharing and viewing. One thing that makes Twonky a good choice for cloud storage and streaming is that it works across different platforms, brands and operating systems due to the fact that it is not proprietary. Twonky is optimal for viewing different types of media files since it automatically adapts your media files format to the receiving device. No manual conversions needed!

Twonky Beam - PSW Solutions Blog

Twonky Beam Mobile App


Well, YouTube is almost too famous to require definition. YouTube is an online, cloud based, media streaming application and site that allows you to browse for videos and movies as well as upload your own. By creating a profile or channel on YouTube, you can share your own videos with the world – in addition, of course, to viewing what the world has to share with you. YouTube apps are available for smartphones running on various operating systems for easier access and viewing. Although YouTube is for online viewing, several browser plugins are available that allow you to save videos for later viewing (naming Video DownloadHelper, 1-Click YouTube Video Download, Download YouTube Videos as MP4, and many more addons for Mozilla Firefox Browser. Video Downloader – GotClip App for Google Chrome Browser and other plugins, extensions, addons for other browsers…)

Note that YouTube is becoming more and more famous in business and professional circles and its use has spread from mere entertainment to marketing.

YouTube - PSW Solutions Blog

YouTube Mobile App

Stay tuned! In our next blog post we are going to discuss how YouTube can be used to promote your business or company, and why, in fact, you should use it.

Many more streaming services are available, such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Instant Video, Hulu Plus, iTunes and Vudu.

Devices that allow to enjoy your streamed media include Smart TVs, Apple TV, Google ChromeCast, Roku and SkyStreamX Android TV Box.

With this, we come to the conclusion of this series on cloud storage in which we talked about how cloud storage can save you trouble, memory and storage space. Cloud storage can expand your data world beyond the bounds of your limited physical storage devices. So, get on board!